Digital Account Based Marketing for Prospecting and Lead Generation

Part 1: Digital ABM Prospecting Basics

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a B2B marketing and selling strategy that seeks to direct targeted, highly relevant messaging to key existing accounts OR prospective accounts.

At least, that’s how I recommend approaching ABM – utilize a strategy for existing and prospective accounts.

The majority of B2B companies view ABM from the key account, existing clients viewpoint.

However, in our digital marketing world an ABM approach is perfectly suited for new customer prospecting.


Step 1 – Identify the accounts you want to win. Industries > Companies > Job Titles…with possible geo considerations.

Step 2 – Develop content that speaks to each key account. White papers, case studies, podcasts, video blogs, etc.

Step 3 – Use digital to identify accounts and remarketing accordingly. If you’re using a sophisticated CRM or lead nurturing platform (HubSpot, Salesforce/Pardot, Marketo) you’ve got all the built-in tools you need. (If you need help, call someone like me). If you don’t have an enterprise level CRM here’s just a handful of ways to use digital for ABM prospecting.

  • Analytics: Create audiences for remarketing based on landing pages that users visit and actions users take on your site.
  • Email: Use lead magnets to attract prospects and capture email address.
  • Paid Search: Structure campaigns so they speak to specific industries and/or companies.
  • Social: Run Facebook and LinkedIn ads targeting specific companies, geos, and titles.

The over arching strategy is to use digital to identify and unlock information about specific visitors. Here’s a real-life example. I’m focused on growing my digital consulting business with restaurants. Specifically, single-location restaurants in Northeast Ohio. I’ve got a list of ideal clients who fit this description, but instead of cold calling I’m using digital ABM to generate awareness and demand.

I’ve created a restaurant focused case study that lives on a dedicated page on my site. Visitors to that page are added to a Google Analytics audience called “Restaurants”. I’m then serving ads (AdWords and Facebook) to persons who visited that page. The ads offer additional case studies that users can get via email. At this point I can now craft highly specific messaging (emails, custom landing pages, banner ads, paid search ads, personalized site content, etc.) for each account.

That – in a condensed explanation – is how you go about deploying an Account Based Marketing approach to digital prospecting.

Up next, how to rollout digital ABM for existing accounts.

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